About BirdEye, Inc

BirdEye (www.BirdEye.com) is a SaaS platform reimagining the way customer feedback is used to acquire and retain connected customers by closing the loop between business reputation and customer experience (CX). With BirdEye's tools, businesses can engage in every step of the customer journey, establish a positive online presence, and benchmark performance across locations and against competitors. By providing strategically actionable information, we empower our clients to achieve previously unattainable performance. In today's reputation economy, BirdEye provides the eyes, ears and algorithms necessary to create a stand-out customer experience that pleases a digital consumer society reliant on instant gratification.

Our culture can be defined by our simple mantra... Winners Win. We're a group of winners... solution-orientated, community focused, and win as a group. Do you desire more from yourself and your career? Let's connect to discuss what that may look like as a career with BirdEye.

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